A psychological therapy service for people who are 18 years and over who are feeling stressed, anxious, low in mood or depressed. We will talk to you about your difficulties and agree with you the best way forward. We can refer you on to other services and give you telephone numbers of alternative treatment options.

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  • Support for adults (over 18) suffering with stress, anxiety, low mood or depression
  • Help in identifying the problem
  • Identifying strengths and support to draw on
  • Guidance in setting realistic goals and support in achieving them
  • Choice of individual or group support
  • Counselling
  • Specific treatment for people who have experienced trauma
  • Access to support is flexible and can be at GP surgeries, libraries, community hospitals
  • Help and support in accessing employment advisors

Staff are trained to help individuals recover from anxiety and depression and support is based around individual needs and requirements. Initial support identifies the problem and the self management programme that would suit you. Overcoming depression and anxiety will involve looking at thoughts and actions that are unhelpful for you, together with finding strengths for you to build on.

One element of support offered is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is based on the way thoughts, behaviours and feelings interact with each other. Some of these associations can be helpful while others are not.

Individuals suffering with low mood, anxiety or depression may have difficulty in finding or keeping employment. This service has close links with employment advisors who may be able to offer support to get back to work.

Staff are usually able to arrange to meet you at a location reasonably close to you, for example GP surgeries, community hospitals or libraries.