If you’re worried that someone you know is being harmed or abused there are things you can do to help. Abuse can be scary so if you’re helping a friend or a family member remember to keep yourself safe too. 

If you think someone is in danger from somebody else please tell an adult you trust. If it’s serious enough the police will need to be called.

If you are worried that someone is being hurt or abused and they have talked about taking their own life or if they’re self harming, it’s really important to tell an adult you trust straight away. Sometimes people feel very sad and think that things won’t ever get better, but they can get better and there are people who can help. 


What you can do

  • If they’re not sure if their relationship is abusive, suggest they check out the LoveRespect Questions.  This has been designed by Women's Aid with help from young people and are relevant regardless of your sexual orientation or how you identify.
  • Explain to them that what’s happening isn't their fault. There is never any excuse for abuse or violence. Ever.
  • Listen and try not to judge. Sometimes we can really help people by just being there and letting them talk.

If they’re under 18

  • Encourage them to tell an adult who they can trust about what’s happening, like a teacher.
  • You can contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub anonymously by telephone 01803 208100 or by email Torbay.safeguardinghub@torbay.gcsx.gov.uk
  • Help them to create their own safety plan to help keep them safer.
  • Show them the ChildLine website.
  • Suggest they contact the Young Person’s Violence Advisor in Torquay. They offer free and confidential help and support to young people.
  • If they need to talk, they can also contact the counsellor at ChildLine.
  • If something sexual has happened to them online or someone is pressuring them to do something sexual you can make a report to the police.

If they’re over 18

  • Help them to create their own safety plan to help keep them safer.
  • Encourage them to contact Torbay Domestic Abuse Service
  • Show them this website.
  • Encourage them to check out the Directory of Services on this website so that they can find out what help is out there.