Self-help and toolkits

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services have developed useful self help guides accessible from their website:

Women’s Aid developed The Survivor’s Handbook – a resource that covers a wide range of topics that someone who has lived with domestic abuse may need information or advice about.

We have reproduced a series of toolkits that individuals can download for their own personal use or which can be accessed and used in a school or support group setting. 



There are apps available for mobiles that can be used to store hidden notes and photos or to alert a trusted friend or relative if someone needs help.  Check out the Bright Sky app for keeping records and the Hollieguard app which can track someone's whereabouts or send an alert.  Users should make their own enquiries with regard to the security and safety features of these apps to take account of their own personal circumstances.

Breaking Free Online is an app that can be used to help to support the management of or reduce the amount someone drinks if they are drinking too much.  The app can be accessed online via a pc, laptop or mobile. Sign up using an email address and the password: walnutalcohol11    If you are working with someone who uses drugs, the app can be accessed in the same way by signing up with their email address and the password:  walnutdrug11