Are you OK?


If your abuser suspects you are thinking about leaving you may be in danger so please consider your safety at all times.

Make sure you cover your tracks and protect your phones and computers.

SafeLives have produced a quick guide to Staying Safe Online.  Although technology can be very helpful and useful, it can also provide someone who is abusive with the tools and opportunities to control, track and abuse their victim.  Be aware of your digital footprint whether you have left or are still in a relationship.

Before you leave

  • If you have a laptop, PC, tablet or notebook at home, make sure you delete from your browsing history any websites that may give your intentions away.
  • If you can, get a new mobile phone that your abuser doesn't know about. Your existing phone may have had a tracking app installed. Stop using your old phone as soon as you leave.
  • Only give the new telephone number to trusted friends or relatives and keep the phone hidden, charged and in credit.

After you have left

  • As soon as you are in a position to update your address details, change passwords for all online accounts. Choose new passwords that nobody will know or could guess.
  • If necessary create new accounts for anywhere you shop online regularly and or where your contact details may be saved.
  • Think about your social media accounts.  Blocking your abuser may not be enough if you share friends or followers. You might need to think differently about where you go online, who you share information with, and what information you share.
  • If necessary close your accounts down and create new ones where you can add trusted contacts.
  • Speak with your children about being cautious of sharing personal information, like your new address, online. It is easy to hide our appearance online and your abuser may attempt to trick your children into giving away information on social networks or game forums.