The Interpersonal Trauma Response (ITR) service is a service provided by Trauma Practitioners, within your GP surgery, to support people who have experienced domestic and/ or sexual abuse/ violence.

The team are able to support both adults and children. However, we don’t support children who have experienced sexual abuse/ violence, as this is provided by

The team are also able to support you if you are concerned about your own behaviour within relationships.

If you would like to work with us, you would have an allocated Trauma Practitioner who would provide emotional and practical support, guided by your wants, and needs. We understand that people all work in different ways and therefore the pace at which we would work with you, will be guided by you.

If you are already in contact with your GP, please speak to them about the Interpersonal Trauma Response Service and they will support you to begin working with a Trauma Practitioner.

Alternatively, if you are not already in contact with your GP, please contact us on 0345 155 1074 and we can help you get the right support.