St Cuthbert Mayne, particularly the 6th form, have been actively supporting this year's 16 Days of Action campaign in several ways. 

  • The school arranged for screensavers to be added to IT equipment
  • In conjunction with Torquay United Community Sports Trust they ran penalty shoot outs, bubble football and 5-aside matches.
  • We facilitated support from South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company who worked with a group of 6th Form students to develop a short play on healthy relationships and coercive control which is to put on during an assembly. 
  • With help from Devon and Cornwall Police Drone Team, 6th Form students braved the cold first thing one morning to spell out Are You OK on a frozen sports field! 
  • The school also arranged open access discussions on the subject of domestic abuse.

Many thanks to Rev Nathan Kiyaga, the School Chaplain, for his enthusiastic support together with the staff and 6th form students, in particular, for their participation.  Thanks also to Torquay United Community Sports Trust, the South Devon Players and also to ToR2 who painted the Are You OK and White Ribbon logo onto the sports field.

Huge thanks also to the Devon and Cornwall Police Drone Team for making time to come and take aerial photos for us.  

If any students would like to download the photos, please feel free! Students can also download a certificate of thanks.

Students spell out Are You OK on the sports field
Ground level view of students spelling out are you ok?