Stalking is when someone develops an unhealthy obsession with another person.

Celebrities sometimes have fans who ‘stalk’ them.

Stalking can include:

  • Following someone
  • Spying on someone
  • Hanging around in a place where they know someone is going to be

This can be in real life or on social media where one person contacts you constantly online. 

In every day life it is likely to be someone you know or know of.  But a stalker might also be someone you don't know. 

They might send you gifts or may post things online about you that are untrue. They might monitor what you are doing online, or hack into your emails and other communications.

They might also damage things that belong to you or generally do things to scare you.  

If you think someone is stalking you, you can contact the police. This type of behaviour is not healthy and can be very upsetting.

It's also important to tell other people you trust about what's happening.