Sometimes people use drugs to help them cope with something. Although drugs can make some people feel good at first and help someone forget about their problems for a bit, that feeling doesn’t last. Drugs are chemicals that mess with our bodies and our brains and they can make people’s problems a lot worse, not better.

Drugs can be really dangerous too and illegal to use.

All drugs can have side effects but some illegal drugs and so called ‘legal highs’ are more likely to cause harm to our minds and bodies.

The term ‘legal high’ is a bit confusing. They contain ingredients that are highly toxic to humans, some of which can damage the inside of our bodies. They can cause people to hear, see, feel, smell or taste things that aren’t there. Some people also experience delusions which means that they start to believe things that aren’t true.

Everybody copes with things differently, but if you're using drugs to help you cope it's important to tell someone you trust about what’s happening so that they can help you cope in different ways.

The best way to deal with a problem for good is to talk to someone about it, and to get advice and support from people who are trained to help.

Who can help

If you’re using drugs or alcohol to help you cope with abuse you can find out about the risks and what that might be doing to your body at Talk to Frank.