A relationship can be many things to different people.  The list below covers some of the 'relationships' we might have:

  • between a parent and child
  • between a child and grandparent
  • between brother and sister
  • between a husband and wife
  • between girlfriend and boyfriend
  • between girlfriend and girlfriend
  • between boyfriend and boyfriend
  • between you and your partner 
  • between friends


Domestic abuse can happen in a relationship where there is a personal connection.  This means a family member, a partner or ex partner or people who share responsibility for a child.  People don't need to be living in the same house to experience domestic abuse.  

One important thing to know about domestic abuse is that it can happen to anyone, no matter what their sexual orientation or how they identify, from any social background or ethnicity.

If it’s happening to you it isn’t your fault and you are not to blame. If it’s happening to someone you love, care about or just know, it’s not their fault and they are not to blame either.

Domestic abuse is about a person needing to have power and control over someone else.  They will do whatever they have to in order to gain that control.  Very often this happens through emotional hurt or physical pain.  If they hurt you emotionally or physically they do not love you.  


Who can help

You can find more help in the Directory.

If you think you are in danger please contact the police in an emergency on telephone 999. You can also contact the police on telephone 101 at other times.