Any form of abuse can impact on our minds and how we think and feel about ourselves and other things. If someone is doing or saying things that upset you, make you feel bad about yourself or ‘messing with your head’ this could be psychological or emotional abuse. Examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Not being allowed out on your own.
  • Not being allowed to see family or friends.
  • Not being allowed to wear what you want.
  • Not being allowed to have a mobile phone or access to a landline.
  • Not being allowed to go to college or educational classes.
  • Being told you are worthless and that nobody else would love you.
  • Being told you are ugly.
  • Being told you are fat.
  • Being told you are a bad parent and that your children will be taken away.
  • Being told that they will find you and kill you if you leave.

If you need help and support please contact Torbay Domestic Abuse Service or check out the Directory for other services.