Any form of abuse can impact on our minds and how we think and feel about ourselves and other things. If someone is doing or saying things to hurt your emotions, making you feel bad about yourself or ‘messing with your head’ this could be psychological or emotional abuse.

Psychological abuse is often more subtle than other forms of abuse. Quite often this abuse goes unseen, as even the victim does not recognise that they are being abused. It can include:

  • Being made to do certain things in a particular way or at a particular time.
  • Being made to believe you aren't capable.
  • Being told you are a bad parent.
  • Being abusive to, hurting or threatening to hurt a child or pet.
  • Being accused of lying.
  • Being told they will kill themselves, you or your children or family, if you leave.
  • Encouraging children to become abusive.
  • Being prevented from attending medical appointments alone.
  • Being locked in a room or building.
  • Being told that the abuse is your fault.
  • Having possessions destroyed or damaged.

If you need help and support please contact Torbay Domestic Abuse Service or check out the Directory for other services.