Domestic abuse and sexual violence can be experienced by anyone from any background, faith or culture.  Whilst this section highlights the issues of forced marriage and honour based violence, if you are from a BAME community or other minority background your experiences will be reflected in many of the aspects mentioned in other parts of the website.  Services will always help and support you but would also be able to help you find specialist support services if you prefer depending on your ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation.  


If you or your partner did not or could not give consent to get married, or if you were pressured or abused to get married this is 'forced marriage'.

  • Being made to enter into marriage against your will
  • Affects men and women
  • Affects children and young people
  • Forms of abuse used include financial, emotional, psychological, threats of physical violence or sexual violence
  • It is illegal in the UK

Information, advice and support is available form the Forced Marriage Unit.

HBV (Honour Based Violence) is any form of abuse or violence aimed at you because you have 'dishonoured' your family. 

  • You may refuse to enter into a forced marriage
  • You have chosen a partner from another ethnic background, faith, religion or sexual orientation
  • You have had sex outside of marriage
  • HBV can be carried out by members of your family, sometimes at the request of female elders
  • HBV can be extremely violent and can lead to death
  • It can happen to men or women

If you feel your life is in danger always contact the police on 999 

You can get advice, support and help on a range of issues from organisations such as Karma Nirvana and the Muslim Women's Network.  

The messages in these videos are relevant whether you are female or male as forced marriage and honour based violence can affect anyone.

Shahina's story - an account of Honour Based Abuse

Shamed into silence: The hidden victims of male 'honour' abuse - BBC Newsnight