Using drugs, whether prescription/over the counter or illegal (including ‘legal highs’) is likely to change how you think and act. It will also put you at risk of developing an addiction. Being on drugs doesn’t ever excuse hurting another person or other people physically or emotionally.

All drugs (including prescription and over the counter medicines) carry a risk of side effects but some illegal drugs and so called ‘legal highs’ are much more likely to have damaging short and long term effects on your mental and physical health. Substances that produce a short term ‘high’ are likely to act as a depressant on the way down.

If you think taking drugs is affecting your relationship and you want support to manage that, there are organisations that can help.

If you would like help and support for substance misuse you can speak with your doctor or contact Torbay Substance Misuse Service.

If you’re using drugs to help you cope with something you might want to contact The Depression and Anxiety Service.

Breaking Free Online is an app that you can use to help to support you manage and/or reduce your drug use.  The app can be accessed online via a pc, laptop or mobile. Sign up using your email address and the password: walnutdrug11    If you consume a lot of alcohol and need help to manage and reduce the amount you drink, the app can be accessed in the same way by signing up with your email address and the password:  walnutalcohol11