It can be hard to recognise the signs of domestic abuse, especially since many victims hide any physical evidence. There may be changes in their personality or behaviour that is out of character. Here are some signs that could suggest someone is being abused:

  • Unexplained bruises or injuries.
  • Frequent injuries.
  • Feeling and looking very tired.
  • Wearing different clothes, e.g.long sleeves.
  • A general change in their appearance.
  • Constantly receiving text messages or phone calls.
  • No longer having a mobile phone.
  • Going out less.
  • Not going out unaccompanied.
  • Not turning up for work.
  • Changing plans and becoming less reliable.
  • Not seeing friends and family.
  • Being anxious and unable to relax.
  • Not having any money.
  • Apologising for or making excuses for someone‚Äôs behaviour.
  • Drinking more alcohol than usual .
  • Weight loss.

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