Alcohol does not cause domestic abuse or sexual violence and neither is it an excuse.

Some abusers may try to blame their abusive behaviour on their own alcohol misuse, or say that their victim’s use of alcohol is the reason, but it is not.

There is no excuse for domestic abuse or sexual violence.

Excessive alcohol use may cause an incident to get worse more quickly or to become more violent, but it is never the root cause. In a large number of cases of domestic abuse or sexual violence no alcohol has been consumed by either party.

Sometimes people use alcohol to help them cope with a problem. Although alcohol can make some people feel good at first and help someone forget about their problems for a bit, that feeling doesn’t last. Alcohol can mess with our bodies and our brains and can make people’s problems even worse, not better.

Excessive alcohol use may also affect your ability to protect your children and make the right decisions for them.

The Drinkaware website explains the effect that alcohol has on both your physical and mental health and what effect longer term misuse can have on your body.

If you are concerned about your drinking and would like advice or support, contact the Healthy Lifestyles Team and talk to one of their Health Trainers, or talk to your GP.

You can also contact Torbay Alcohol Service.

Breaking Free Online is an app that you can use to help to support you manage or reduce the amount you drink if you are drinking too much.  The app can be accessed online via a pc, laptop or mobile. Sign up using your email address and the password: walnutalcohol11    If you use drugs, the app can be accessed in the same way by signing up with your email address and the password:  walnutdrug11