Using drugs, whether these are prescription/over the counter, illegal or NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) can mess with your body and your mind. You're also at risk of developing an addiction which can affect your ability to make rational decisions.

You may not have chosen to take drugs.  You may have been made to take them by the person who is hurting you.  

However you started taking them, your focus might be on getting the next fix and you could lose sight of important issues like keeping yourself and your family safe.

All drugs (including prescription and over the counter medicines) carry a risk of side effects but some illegal drugs and NPS (what used to be called ‘legal highs’) are much more likely to have damaging short and long term effects on your mental and physical health. Substances that produce a short term ‘high’ are likely to act as a depressant on the way down.

New Psychoactive Substances such as Spice are highly dangerous. They contain ingredients that are highly toxic to humans, some of which will damage the internal parts of the body. People can also experience hallucinations and extreme psychotic episodes. These products are not subject to stringent testing and can be really harmful.

If you are worried about your drug use, check out the Talk to Frank website or Torbay Substance Misuse Service.  

Breaking Free Online is an app that you can use to help to support you manage and/or reduce your drug use.  The app can be accessed online via a pc, laptop or mobile. Sign up using your email address and the password: walnutdrug11    If you consume a lot of alcohol and need help to manage and reduce the amount you drink, the app can be accessed in the same way by signing up with your email address and the password:  walnutalcohol11