Self harm is when people harm themselves on purpose. Self harm is used by some people as a way of helping them cope with something that is happening to them, or has happened to them in the past.

Self harming can be very dangerous so if you are self harming the most important thing is to keep yourself safe.  If you need immediate help contact the ambulance service on 999.  

If you're feeling sad, angry, alone, there are people who can help you find different and safer ways of coping that work for you.

You can contact your GP or TALKWORKS.

Check out the MIND website for more information about self harm including treatment and support.

Calm Harm is an app that is available to help you resist or manage the urge to self harm.  It is private and password protected.  The app is intended to be an aid to treatment but it doesn't replace it.   

For more services check out the Directory.