The majority of victims of domestic abuse are women, which is why some services are just for female victims. But victim statistics are not a popularity competition. Whilst the majority of victims are women, every single individual victim of abuse or violence whether they’re male, female, adult or child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

This short film by Mankind shows the difference between how female and male victims and abusers can be perceived.

Perhaps some people laugh or smile because they’re nervous and don’t know how to react? Perhaps this film shows something fundamentally wrong with our culture and how we view gender and relationships? Either way, male victims deserve better from society.

It can be more difficult for a male to seek support for a number of reasons, and the perception of men needing to be ‘strong’ doesn’t help. For anyone to live with abuse and violence, regardless of their gender, takes incredible strength. They survive.

If you know of a man or boy who is experiencing domestic abuse or sexual violence, explain to them that they are not weak, the abuse is not their fault and that there is no shame in seeking help. Check out our directory for organisations that can specifically support men and boys.