A local service for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault has opened a new office in Torquay.  Covering the whole of Torbay, Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Services offers specialist support to women aged over 18 and young women and men aged 13-18.

Chief Executive Officer, Fee Scott explained, “The service as a whole has been working across Devon and Torbay for nearly 5 years but we are delighted to be opening a permanent base in Torquay.  The rates of sexual violence are increasing across the bay and we want to be in the best place to support those affected”

The service offers support by phone, by email and face to face and is designed to assist women to cope with and recover from the trauma of their experiences.  As well as a pool of experienced and accredited volunteer support workers working from the base, there is a Specialist Support Worker for the area, Beverley Flavell, who said, “The permanent base in Torquay offers a great opportunity.  Being right in the heart of the Torbay community, it provides a local presence, which enables us to respond to local needs.  It is a real privilege to join a passionate and nurturing team who contribute a broad range of skills and experiences, enriching and promoting the lives and emotional wellbeing of women and young people who have experienced sexual violence. "

Whilst support is delivered in Torbay, initial contact is through the main office in Exeter.  Please call 01392 208756 to ask for our specialist support or, if you want to remain anonymous or are not ready to meet up face to face, you can use our helpline 01392 204174 or email support service support@devonrapecrisis.org.uk.