On Monday 19 August 2019 we spent a cracking few hours with the children and young people from Play Torbay at one of their fantastic outdoor adventure locations in Torbay.  The volunteers and organisers had arranged a family fun day for over 150 people and kindly agreed that we could pop along and ask some of the children and young people to spell out Are You OK? by lying on the ground.  Despite a heavy downpour which sent everyone running for cover, the sun came back out and dried the grass up enough so that no-one got too wet lying down!  

We are also very grateful to PC Greg Rendle from the Devon & Cornwall Police drone team who came along to capture the event on camera.  

Domestic abuse and violence affects a large proportion of children and young people either having it directed at them personally, or indirectly by being present in a home where domestic abuse and violence is taking place.  The impact this kind of trauma, also known as an adverse childhood experience (or ACE), can have on them may be long lasting and may show itself in behavioural changes or may even impact on the physical development of their brain. 

According to the NSPCC, 1 in 5 children in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse and 1/3rd of children witnessing domestic violence also experienced another form of abuse. 

If you and your family are living with the effects of domestic abuse and violence there are different services or community groups who can support you.  Our directory of services lists some of these and gives contact details.  Abuse and violence are never ok.