Whilst we haven’t been able to arrange any specific events this year to raise awareness of the issues of domestic abuse and sexual violence, we do want to remind everyone that if they need advice, help or support there are local and national services that continue to be available to provide that help. 

A safe place to contact services can be found various locations across Torbay.   

Riviera FM in Torquay has very kindly agreed to record some interviews and conversations by telephone with local agencies and community groups working with people who have experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence.  You can tune in on 107.9 FM online or via their app.  These will be aired over the course of the 16 Days of Action and the schedule can be seen below.  Times given are for the duration of the show during which a conversation will be aired: 


25 Nov       12:00 to 13:00        Chris Green, CEO of White Ribbon UK

26 Nov       10:00 to 13:00        Chris Fleet, The Devon Clinic

27 Nov       10:00 to 13:00        Mandy Barnes, Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Services

30 Nov       13:00 to 16:00        Ros Ede, Ladies Lounge

30 Nov       13:00 to 16:00        Claire Lear, Phoenix Fitness

  1 Dec       10:00 to 13:00        Angie Manning, What’s Your Problem

  1 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Karen Vaughan, Rising Moments

  1 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Mandie Giles, Age UK Torbay

  1 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Josh Stunell, BtheChange

  2 Dec       12:00 to 13:00        Chief Supt Nikki Leaper, Devon & Cornwall Police

  3 Dec       10:00 to 12:00        Jean Henderson/Louise Knight, The IRIS Project

  4 Dec       10:00 to 13:00        Claudia O’Neill, Torbay Domestic Abuse Service

  7 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Rachel Aggett, Torbay 0 to 19 Service

  7 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Aisa Withey, Make Amends

  8 Dec       10:00 to 13:00        Dave Parsons, Torbay Council

  8 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Sharon Minty, First Light

  8 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Lucinda Wills, iLearn online training

  8 Dec       13:00 to 16:00        Emma Seaman, Eat That Frog 

  9 Dec       12:00 to 13:00        Tracey Cabache, Torbay Community Development Trust

  9 Dec       10:00 to 12:00        Rachel Shepard, Thrive 


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the team at Riviera FM who have supported us throughout and who - by 10 December - will have a reasonable appreciation of the issue of domestic abuse and sexual violence, and we hope their listeners will too. 

More information on the subject, along with the directory of local and national services, can be found on the website.