In March 2021 we launched a survey to better understand people's experiences of living with and after domestic abuse.  We had a huge response to this survey and would like to thank everyone who took part.  

As a follow up to the survey we'd now like to invite you to get involved in helping to shape the response to domestic in Torbay.   Throughout June and July we would like to interview people who have, or have not, accessed support in Torbay. 

It's important to us to understand why people may not have approached services for support as well as understanding what might have worked well, or not so well, for those who did.  We'd like to hear from anyone who has experienced domestic abuse regardless of your gender, how you identify, your sexual orientation and whether or not you asked for help.  

Interviews will be conducted either by telephone or video call with Davis and Associates.  Davis and Associates have been commissioned by Torbay Council to carry out this work and are experienced in carrying out research with people who have lived with domestic abuse.

It is important that we know you are safe during these interviews, both physically and mentally.  The application form asks about contacting you safely and before the interview Davis and Associates will send you a written overview setting out the purpose of the interview, what will happen to the information, how they will ensure your anonymity, your right to withdraw and also where you can get support before or after the interview if necessary.  This will enable you to understand how the information you provide will be used.  It will also enable you to make an informed decision about taking part. 

If you'd like to have the opportunity to get involved please complete the online application form   

We'd like to thank you in advance for helping us to shape the response to domestic abuse in Torbay.